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divendres, 28 de setembre del 2012

Art on The Street

Un grup de  joves dissenyadors, pintors, arquitectes van pel món venen les seves obres amb una Volkwagen Transporter, fan dissenys molt interessants , us penjem el seu manifest i podeu anar a la seva web per veure i tenir més informació www.artonthestreet.com  Si venen a Figueres , vol dir que estem al mapa dels creatius del món. (Foto enviada per en Manel un amic del www.retrovisor.info)

Art On The Street 
We are a London-based group of painters, photographers, graphic artists, designers and architects from different parts of the world.
We aim to create individually designed kiosks that are an ambitious alternative to the bleak, city-scarring, mass produced booths and stalls. The initiative promotes inter-cultural dialog and trans-national circulation of artistic works and products. Its goal is to bring together artist from all over the world, enabling them to display and sell their art works in major european cities.

Our kiosks are portable, free standing units which can be installed and removed from any location within a short period of time. They come in different forms and shapes and each one of them is a piece of art in its own right.

Our first project - kiosk has a shape and form of beautiful VW camper van made in 1975 in Germany and full restored in Jarocin city in Poland by Wojtek, Daniel, Maciej and myself. It took us only 4 months to rebuild and prepare first gallery for ART ON THE STREET!

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Anònim ha dit...

Molt interessant la notícia . Ja lensava que tenia que ser alguna cosa així , el que no estava enterat era qe fos n grup d artistes viatgers. Potser sí han vist en Figueres aluna cosa mès que Dali,,,,, qui sap ??